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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How much does it cost?
    -We have three price groups: Monday-Thursday, Friday or Sunday, AND anytime Saturday. Saturdays are the highest prices. -Where is your wedding: If it is a long way from Houston, that would be higher. -How many hours do you want? We do have one-hour rates. If you book the car for 4-8 hours the per hour rate would be less. -Rates are seasonably adjusted and will also be higher on holidays and special occasions (New Year's, Superbowl, etc.) -If you do a combo with more than one vehicle (2 cars OR a car & trolley), the price will be more attractive. -You could also consider allowing a friend or relative to pay for limousine as a wedding present.

  • Can we come and see the cars?
    YES, but you will need an appointment. We have an office near Kemah, and main office at the Beltway/290 area.

  • How much in advance should I book the car?
    The sooner the better. Regular limos can be booked at the last minute. Our cars are very unique and rare. We have many dates that get completely booked out. You can try for a last minute booking, but there is a risk of no availability.

  • Is the deposit refundable?
    No, the deposit binds you to use the car and it binds us from renting it out from under you to someone else. (See our contract re: Event Cancellation Insurance)

  • Do we get to keep the license plate with our family name on it?
    NO, it stays on the car. The minimal $10 fee you pay is for the artwork. The license plates are from Europe and are expensive. If you want to order a new plate to keep for a souvenier with your family name on it - the price is $85.

  • Can we move the times up OR back?
    Maybe. We will try to accommodate you if we can. If we have another wedding in your vehicle right after yours, however, that may not be possible. It would be better to book the car for more hours than you think you need. If you're having a fun reception you may want to extend the time.

  • Can we drink alcoholic beverages in the car?
    We can offer non-alcoholic champagne and flutes for $12 extra. (Open Container Law)We will have complimentary bottled water and sodas.

  • When does the time we are paying for START?
    The time starts when we arrive at the time listed on your reservation form and ends when you release the car. (Assuming all stops are in the immediate Houston area)(Out of area fees may apply) If you release the car early, there is no refund on the unused portion.

  • Can we decorate the car?
    NO, The car makes it's own statement. You want the pictures to be respectful of the occasion. Also, if your guests were to decorate the car and damage it in any way; you would be obligated to pay for the damage. (We have had weddings where a friend's car was decorated and followed for a short distance......we suggest keeping it simple and elegant and let the Rolls Royce or Bentley departure MAKE A STATEMENT!)

  • How fast do you drive the cars?
    Normal posted speeds, BUT probably slower than you drive your own car. Please allow time for that in your timeline.

  • Do you do Latino Weddings?
    Bodas Latino? ¿Por qué hacemos esto sin duda. Quinceañeras también. Se habla español aquí. Nuestras coches blanco antiguo de Rolls Royce son perfectos para su día especial. Estamos a su disposición para ir a varios lugares para las fotos después de la ceremonia de la boda. Por favor, visite la sección de vehículos de nuestro sitio web y haga clic en "Ver más imágenes Rolls" por fotos de otras bodas. Si nos fijamos en la esquina superior derecha de la página principal, usted verá una ficha para traducir el sitio completo del Inglés al Español. Nos gustaría platicar con usted y le invitamos a venir a nuestra oficina para ver los coches. Por favor llame al 713 680-3181 y pregunte por Don José.


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