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                      PRICING PACKAGES

Things you should know before making a decision:

1) When talking to other limo companies, ask them what percentage of their business is for  weddings. (Ours is 96%) Ask them if they actually own the cars or are they booking them from another company.

2) Specifically ask them if they charge extra to go take pictures somewhere between the church, venue or hotel. Also ask them about the cost of extending or changing the times that evening, and any extra charges for changing of clothes, unscheduled stops or cruising around enjoying the evening until the time is up. These are very important questions you need to ask in order to avoid very unpleasant, unexpected and expensive last minute surprises. (One Limo company charged the groom $90 extra for an unscheduled stop to use the restroom at a convenience store on the way to the hotel).

3) Our policy is to do whatever you want during the time you have the car rented.

4) FREE PHOTO SHOOT. If you pay to rent one of our cars for your wedding, we will give you a free one hour photo shoot at our office which has a wooded area behind the building. This can be for a save the date photo or bridal portrait before the wedding or for your "First Christmas Together" card after the wedding. You can also use a different car from the one you rented. You can bring your photographer or hand us your phone and we will snap the picture.

5) WHY USING THE SILVER BENTLEY MIGHT BE THE BEST CHOICE. In any wedding picture, the bride's dress should stand out. A white dress against a white car will not be the best contrast for the wedding dress. Using a black limo, the groom's tuxedo would not stand out. SOLUTION: The silver 1960 Bentley for the ideal backdrop for the bride AND the groom.

6) INFORMACION EN ESPANOL? En cima de este pagina, marque "Select Language", entonces marque Spanish y todas las palabras en todas las paginas cambiaran a Espanol. Boda Catolica? Podemos recoger a la novia y su padre e ir a la iglesia. Despues de la Misa podemos ir a Hermann Park o en algun lugar cerca para sacar fotografias y luego a la sala. Cuatro horas, precio total $1250 mas 15% de propina para el chofer..

7) GETTING THE BEST PRICE. Have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Bundle the runs, use the Trolley for your guests and the bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. Ask a family friend or relative to "Sponsor" the limo instead of buying you a wedding present.



  If you are booking a large number of rooms at a hotel for your out of town
  guests, the hotel will usually entice you with a lower per-room price and the
  "Complimentary" use of their courtesy van, Suburban or Limousine. You should
  be aware, however, that if you book 20 rooms and somebody else comes in after
  you and books 40 rooms, whom do you suppose will snag the courtesy vehicle
  for their event? (Hint: It won't be you)
  You should also read the fine print. One bride complained to us that the
   "Courtesy" van incurred a charge of $150 each trip, each way to the wedding
  and reception venue. Fifteen passenger vans are okay for kids, but folding
  seats and hunched down duck-walking all the way to the back of the van is not
  pleasant or comfortable for older relatives or bridesmaids in tight dresses.
  The same hotel then let other guests use the van to go the opposite direction 
  from the church. The bride called to complain, saying "We can't start the
  ceremony, not all my family members or guests are here yet." The hotel said,
  "Well, we will try to get back to your event as soon as we can." (Important
  keyword: "Try"). You don't need these kinds of problems on the most important
  day of your life.
  Hotels view vans as an unpleasant but necessary nuisance. They have to have a
  van to get the minimum three star rating in the guide books. Transportation is
  not their business. It's not who they are and it's not what they do. Don't send a
  boy to do a man's job. If you book our Trolley, it stays with you all day and
  moves your relatives and guests  when you want them moved. We charge by time,
  not the number of trips and we will go back to the hotel for one guest, if requested.

8) WHY USE A VINTAGE LIMO IN THE FIRST PLACE? All your choices for your wedding go into making this day a beautiful, romantic and memorable event, a "Wow Wedding". Will people really remember what kinds of flowers were in your bouqet or what the Best Man said in his speech five years from now? Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but rather the moments that take your breath away. Your guests will be standing there in total awe as they watch you glide off in a vintage car smiling and doing the Princess Wave, the perfect ending to the perfect day. 

9) FREE DOWNTOWN PHOTO SHOOT. If your wedding or reception ends near downtown (Hotel Zaza, Icon, Hyatt, Marriott, Magnolia, etc.), we can take you to our secret location where we park the car and the two of you stand by it. You hand us your phone and we take a picture of you with the downtown skyline in the background. Other limo companies would refuse to do this and/or rip you off $250 for an "Unscheduled Stop". We will be glad to do this for you at no extra cost because we are dedicated to help making your wedding day special,  memorable and romantic. That's who we are; that's what we do.

Please visit the vehicle page on this website and click on the "More Pictures" links for the vehicles you may be interested in to see pictures from other weddings and to get some ideas for yours.

Okay, now let's look at some prices and options:

Notice that all our chauffeurs wear the cap and white gloves:

 Pricing Packages 
Family name on the front license plate, "Just Married" on the back plate
Oscar Night Red Carpet Package. 1963 Rolls convertible poised for departure from River Oaks Country Club
Thank you for considering a beautiful, romantic vintage
Rolls Royce or Bentley for your wedding.
To personalize it, we can put the family name on the
front license plate, looks very nice in the pictures
We have three options:
1) Family name on the front plate:  $10
     (You do not get to keep the plate)
2) Family name on the front plate $85
     (You keep the plate)
You come out of the reception and there is a red carpet leading to the
Rolls or Bentley. There are chrome poles and a red velvet rope with
a snap on one end. As you approach, the chauffeur unsnaps the rope
so you can enter the car. There is a sign that says "Reserved for Mr.
and Mrs. ----------. You get to keep this sign and the family name plate
on the front of the car. Formal elegance at its best. Total upcharge
for this package $180. (This package is for the signs and the Red Carpet.
Cars are not included


1) THE SPLIT-RUN COMBO. One of our most popular packages. Use the air conditioned white 1965 Rolls Royce Princess hard top for the transfer from the church to the venue, then at the end of the evening, do the final getaway in the white 1963 Rolls Royce convertible. Total price $1350-$1650 plus 15% gratuity depending on locations and times.


2) THE PRISSY-MISSY PACKAGE. Some brides will adamantly refuse to ride in a convertible because their hairdo may get wind-tussled, even though the wedding is over. With this package, you use the convertible for the pictures and the getaway, cruise around for a few minutes, then get in a regular stretch limo or SUV for the actual ride to the hotel, a surefire bride pleaser for even the most finicky bride. Added on to option 1), the extra charges would be an additional $300-600 plus 15% gratuity depending on locations, times, etc.



a) Stretch limo or SUV for the bride and bridesmaids on the wedding day, 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM, for beauty salon, spa, makeup, hairdresser, ladies' brunch, etc.

b) Rolls Royce or Bentley takes the bride and her father (Or whomever she chooses) from the house/hotel to the church. The bride and groom leave the curch in the same vehicle to go on to the reception. The maiden name would be on the front license plate for the trip to the church and the new married name for the trip to the reception.

c) Final Grand Getaway. The bride and groom glide off in wedding bliss in the back seat of the white 1963 Rolls Royce Convertible, gazing fondly and waving goodbye as they look over their shoulder. The Oscar Night Red Carpet Package is automatically included and the couple gets to keep all three name plates at the end of the evning. Priced separately, all this would come to $2797. Total price for this package $2395 plus 15% gratuity. (Out of area and seasonal rates may apply).

3a) THE MODIFIED QUEEN FOR A DAY PACKAGE (No late night getaway). 

a) Stretch limo or SUV for the bride and bridesmaids on the wedding day, 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, for beauty salon, spa, makeup, hairdresser, ladies' brunch, etc.

b) Rolls Royce or Bentley takes the bride and her father (Or whomever she chooses) from the house/hotel to the church. The bride and groom leave the curch in the same vehicle to go on to the reception. The maiden name would be on the front license plate for the trip to the church and the new married name for the trip to the reception. A photo shoot with your photographer or cell phone at Hermann Park or the skyline bridge is included. Oscar Night Red Carpet Package included. Total price $1995 plus 15% gratuity.


4) THE ROLLS ROYCE GOLF CART/ROLLS CONVERTIBLE COMBO. Ideal for a country club wedding reception. The couple leaves in the golf cart (As a joke), circles around, gets out and then the real Rolls Convertible comes up and takes them away. $1195 plus 15% gratuity. (Out of area and seasonal rates may apply).


5) THE PICKUP/DROPOFF. The getaway from the reception to the hotel only. Priced attractively from $495 to $950 plus 15% gratuity. Monday to Thursday evenings downtown to Galleria would qualify for the cheapest prices. Saturday nights are the most expensive. Prices tend to be lower in January and August. Fridays and Saturdays during Wedding and Prom Season will be very high. The cars also have different prices. If you choose a quaint, rustic absoluely charming reception facility  that is several counties away on narrow unlit two lane roads way out in the boondocks forty miles from nowhere, that price will be higher than a close-in location inside the Loop 610. Sometimes paying up front in full several months in advance may get you a better price. If you also book the Trolley for the rehearsal dinner or guest shuttle in addition to a Rolls, that can get you a lower combined price. Limo prices, like airline tickets, will become more expensive as the date approaches. Better to book early and save.


6) THE VANILLA DOUBLE SCOOP ICE CREAM CONE PACKAGE. Two white Rolls Royces (Double scoop). The white 1963 Rolls Royce convertible arrives for your grand getaway. As you leave, you do the princess wave (Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, touch your  pearls, blow a kiss). After the thrill of the best getaway possible fades, the night air might seem a little muggy or extremely chilly. Not to worry. After going a few blocks, you transfer to a white 1965 Rolls Royce Princess hard top, air conditioned. The absolute perfection of a born-free convertible grand exit with the comfort and luxury of an identical car (But with a hard top) with all amenities for the ride to the hotel. One hour, $1450 plus 15% gratuity.


7) "The Gorgeous Garland Package". On the Rolls Royce, Bentley or convertible, we can adorn the back of the car with a Garland Loop made up of green magnolia leaves, with white hydrangeas, peonies and white roses. On the front of the car would be a circular wreath with pine needles, eucalyptus leaves and white holly berries. These additions make a special getaway car even more special! The additional charge for this package is $99.  (See below)

Gorgeous Garland Package.


8) Trolley for Kid Birthday Party. Themes could be Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. The Trolley is used to drive the kids around while the parents re-set the stage inside the house for the next episode of the "Play". This is available on Sunday afternoons after 2:00 PM or Sunday-Thursday anytime when school is out.Full wedding prices would apply for Fridays or Saturdays. Call for pricing. Holiday and out of area fees may apply.

9) The Grand Entrance (As opposed to the Grand Getaway). We have had the situation where guests start leaving before the end of the reception and the bride panics and calls us and asks if we can get there two hours early so the guests can see the car. (Usually we can't). Here's the solution: No guest will ever leave until after their free meal. So, either use the car from church to reception, or if the ceremony and reception are on the same site, have all guests go into the hall for the cocktails while you do the family pictures in the chapel. Then, have everybody lined up just like you would do for the getaway and the Rolls or Bentley or Convertible glides up to a pre-positioned red carpet (Just like at the Oscars) and you gracefully wave and make your way into the hall as the crowd cheers wildly. Done deal, mission accomplished.

10) Traditional Catholic Wedding. We collect he bride and her father and mother at their home and take them to the church. After the Mass, we take the bride and groom to Hermann Park or somewhere else nearby for pictures and then go to the Hall for the reception. Four hours, total price $1250 plus 15% gratuity for the chauffeur


              (125 TO 200 Wedding Guests)
1 ) San Francisco Trolley Bus for Bachelorette Party, 6 Hrs                        $1095
2) Deluxe 20 Passenger Limo Bus w/bar for Batchelor Party, 6 hrs              1095
3) San Francisco Trolley Bus for Rehearsal Dinner, 6 Hrs                             1095
4) Split-Run Combo, 1965 Rolls Hardtop/1963 Rolls Convertible                  1350
5) Stretch Limo/SUV Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel, Bride's Parents 7 Hrs   945
6) Stretch Limo/SUV Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel, Groom's Parents 7 Hrs 945
7) Trolley for Guests, Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel 7 Hrs                            1225
8) Stretch Limo/SUV Transfer Bride and Groom to Airport Sunday Morning 145
                                                                                15% Gratuity                         184.25
                                                                                 Total                                  $9079.25
                               (200 - 350 Wedding Guests)
  1. 2 San Francisco Trolley Buses for Bachelorette Party, 6 Hrs                           $2190
  2. 2 Deluxe Jumbo 35 Passenger Party Buses w/Bar for Bachelor Party, 6 Hrs   3000
  3. 2 55 Passenger Motorcoaches for Rehearsal Dinner, 5 Hrs                                1750
  4. Split-Run Combo, 1965 Rolls Hardtop/1963 Rolls Convertible, 6 Hrs                 1350
  5. Stretch Limo/SUV, Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel for Bride's Parents, 7 Hrs      945
  6. Stretch Limo/SUV/Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel for Groom's Parents, 7 Hrs    945
  7. 2 Trolleys for Bridal Party/Guests, Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel, 8 Hrs.         3000
  8. Police Motorcycle Escort (2) for Rolls Leaving Church or Reception                  750
  9. 4 55 Passenger Motorcoaches for Guests Hotel/Church/Reception/Hotel         3500
 10. Day of Onsite Coordinator with Command Authority                                            500
 11. Stretch Limo/SUV Transfer bride and Groom to Airport Sunday Morning          145
                                                                                       15% Gratuity                      2,691.75
                                                                                        Total                               $20,636.75

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