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Suggested Poses

Suggestions for Wedding Photos using the Rolls Royce Limousine
(Hint: Give this information to your photographer for some once-in-a-lifetime images!)

1) The Traditional - Bride and Groom by left front fender making sure they are not covering the nameplate in front.  Driver on opposite side by the door with the church in the background.

2) Entering the Car - Door open, Bride and Groom facing the camera, Driver facing the couple.

3) Crossing Rings - Groom stands to the right of the hood ornament with his left hand just below it and above the RR emblem.  The bride moves in front of him and places her left hand of top if his showing both rings.  Photographer then moves in for a close-up photo.

4) Soft Focus Kiss - The Bride and Groom are to the side of the hood ornament about six feet.  The photographer is positioned on the opposite side of the car and from a slightly rearward angle goes for hard focus on the hood ornament with the couple kissing in the background in soft focus.  (This shot can only be done in the daytime.)

5) Bonnie and Clyde - Bride and Groom on the side of the car facing the Photographer with one leg up on the running board.  This may not be practical for the bride depending on the dress, but is an excellent pose for the Groom and Best Man.  One picture should also be taken of the Groom alone in front of the car with his left foot on the bumper and his hands clasped on the raised knee.

6) Inside the Car - The couple seated in the back seat, perhaps with raised champagne glasses (if provided or ordered), facing the door with the Groom leaning slightly forward of the Bride.  This shot may also be done with the photographer standing on the running board looking back.

7) The Garter - (At your discretion) The bride stands by the left front of the car with her right foot on the bumper and wedding dress slightlly raised to show the garter.  A good shot if tastefully done.

8) The Departure - Bride and Groom looking out the back window and waving. 

9) The Arrival - If using video as well as still photography, ask the driver to drive slowly from the church to the reception so the video cameraman can set up to film the Rolls Royce arriving at the reception and the couple getting out.


Suggestions for Wedding Poses Using the Trolly

1) Have the bride posed in the doorway about to step down. The groom is on  street level, looking at the bride, helping her off and holding her right hand with his left.

2) Have the bride posed in the doorway and a different bridesmaid with her head outside each windowgoing back down the right side of the Trolley.

3) Have the bridesmaids lined up outside the Trolley to the left, the groomsmen to the right and the bride and groom in the middle.

4) Have the bride and groom standing on the back porch waving goodbye.

5) Stage  a picture of the bride and groom in front of the Trolley with the conductor off to one side and the family name on the plate in the upper middle windshield.

6) Stage a picture with the groom seated behind the steering wheel and wearing the conductor's hat with the bride standing beside him.

7) Ask your photographer if they have a "Fisheye" lens or a very wide angle lens. Then they can sit on the engine compartment looking towards the back of the cabin and photograph everyone in the bridal party seated, leaning towards the center aisle and looking towards the front of the Trolley. A very good group shot.

Compliments of Jordan Limousines - I hope these suggestions have been helpful. 
Life is a collection of memories, and these photos should capture some moments you will treasure forever.

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