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Jordan Limousines

Houston Oaks Country Club

Waters Edge, Seabrook

Bentley Scrapbook
Chauffeur Cap and White Gloves, formal old school
Family name on the front, "Just Married" on the back

Oscar Night Red Carpet Package

Gorgeous Garland Package, back of the car draped with Hydrangeas, Pwonies and White Vendela Roses

Notice how well the Wedding Dress shows up with the silver and platinum colors of the Bentley

The Springs Cypress

The Estates at Pecan Park

Houston Oaks Country Club

Bentley at Waters Edge, Clear lake

1960 Silver Bentley at the Four Seasons Hotel

Bentley arriving for the reception at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Houston

Tropical Romance

Margaritaville Hotel Lake Conroe 07.03.2020

Rachel Stubbe photo at Houston Oaks Country Club

On a night like this, the perfect kiss

Iron Manor, Montgomery TX

Reception Getaway from Butlers Courtyard

Beautiful church; beautiful Bentley
Bride and Groom leaving their wedding ceremony at the University of Houston Chapel
Bentley at Las Velas
Bentley at Houston Oaks Country Club
Silver over platinum, the ideal subdued colors to make the Bride's dress stand out in pictures.
Houston Skyline. We know the best locations in Houston for Bridal Portraits using our cars.
Houston skyline at night.

1960 Bentley at Bell Tower on 34th

Houston Skyline at night

Star light, star bright, first stars I see tonight

Skyline at night (2)

Bentley at Pecan Estates

Gorgeous Garland Package
1960 Bentley Getaway from Junior League
Bye-bye, it's honeymoon time
Bridal couple ready to head for the honeymoon suite at their hotel

Free Engagement Photo Shoot. If you book one of our cars, you can out to the office before or after the wedding for a keepsake photo with one of the cars, not necessarily the one you used for your wedding.

Your family name can be put on the front plate.
The cross-ring shot; your new wedding rings by the Bentley "B" hood ornament. This couple used flowers with their college colors.

The Cross-Ring Shot

Pahdon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

Schneider Hall, Colombus TX

Bougainvillas Ballroom, 12126 Westheimer

Madison and Jacob at Margaritaville Hotel, Lake Conroe

Family Affair

Free photo shoot at the office if you book one of our cars for your wedding. Use a photo like this for "Our first Christmas together".

Brides Wedding gown stands out with beautiful Silver Bentley.
Bride w/Bentley...great showcase of wedding dress.

Bridal Extravaganza

Joseph the chauffeur by his shiny silver Bentley at Briscoe Manor (The groom's last name was Joseph)

Omni Hotel Riverway

Romeo, Romeo, where art thou?

Beautiful dress, beautiful car, beautiful art work

1960 silver Bentley with Gorgeous Garland Package

Bentley with Gorgeous Garland Package at Lindsay Lakes

I found Mr. Right

I think I'm going to swoon....

Leaving the reception and saying goodbye to the wedding ghuests


A night to remember

Happy trails to you........

Honeymoon Night at The Westin

Blushing bride

Sparkler Getaway

Pensive Bride

Arriving at the church in a Bentley, special day, special car

A beautiful day for arriving at the Wedding in a Bentley

Serving All of Southeast Texas!

Jordan Limousines
"Serving all Southeast Texas"


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