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The Gatsby 1929 Replica
The Gatsby 1929 Replica

The Gatsby is actually a brand new car. It seats 6 passengers with dual air conditioning, cruise control, and air ride suspension. Its desisign is very similar to a 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom I. The passenger cabin will accommodate even the largest wedding dress. Submit a price request for the Gastby online.

Customize Your License Plate
Customize Your License Plate

The Gatsby, just like all of our cars has "Just Married" on the back plate, and the family name can be placed on the front plate for an additional cost. We also have plates for other occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, quinceanereas or even for supporting or advertising your company name.

Cruise in Style
Cruise in Style

All of our chauffeurs sport a distinguished and timless look, wearing a cap and white gloves as they escort you in style.

The Oscar Night Red Carpet Package
The Oscar Night Red Carpet Package

It's your day to shine! Allow us to roll out the red carpet for you.

Gorgeous Garland Package
Gorgeous Garland Package

Draping the back of the car with flowers, Hydrangeas, Peonies and White Vendela Roses is a show-stopper for guests and for your wedding photos. This package is available for a $99 additional charge.

All our cars have a plate that says "JUST MARRIED" on the back. We also have plates for other occasions as well, like HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, FELIZ QUINCEANERA, etc. There is no charge for these plates, but you do not get to keep them.


Cavernous Passenger Cabin with ice-cold air conditioning

Pedigo Photography

Gatsby Driver Compartment

Now this is how to arrive at your event!

Di Amici Upscale Events, Seabrook TX

The Gatsby is easy to get into in a large wedding dress.

A spacious passenger cabin, perfect for a bride and groom

True Romance

Pedigo Photography

Pedigo Photography

Pedigo Photography

Madera Estates 1

Madera Estates 2

Brand-new Chevy Suburban LS3 Engine, safe, reliable and dependable

Gatsby door sill entering the passenger cabin. Note that in the next picture, an electric step will come out making it easier for the bride to get in and out.

We insisted that this bridal assist step be added to the build sheet when we ordered the car. No other vintage Limo in Texas has this. If you are the bride on your wedding day, everything should be about you, wouldn't you agree? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gatsby at the Four Seasons

Ready to leave for the honeymoon!

Yes, that full-sized wedding dress will easily fit inside the large passenger cabin of the Gatsby

The Farmhouse Wedding Reception Venue, Montgomery TX

End of Wedding dropoff at Margaritavile Hotel on Lake Conroe

Electric Robots for weddings, parties, etc. In low light, the guys really light up while they dance to music.  713 330-5189

Still Waters Ranch Wedding Reception Venue, Alvin TX

Still Waters Ranch Wedding Reception Venue, Alvin TX

Pedigo Photography

Pedigo Photography 

Pedigo Photography

Gatsby at River Oaks Country Club Gala

Leap into his arms!

White Trolley, White Gatsby, the ultimate combination for wedding transportation

Iron Manor Wedding Reception Facility, Montgomery TX

Iron Manor 2

Iron Manor 4

Iron Manor 5

Iron Manor 6

Iron Manor 7

Iron Manor 8

Woodlands Waterway Marriott

Luminaire on Lake Conroe, Open House

1929 Gatsby by the Historic 1910 Heights Fire Station in Houston, 107 West 12th St,  Rustic and nostalgic wedding reception venue 832 887-8885

Gatsby Themed Party

Gatsby at Ashelynn Manor Wedding Reception Facility

Big Sky Barn, Montgomery TX

Sugar Land

Indian SIKH Temple in Houston

Groom's Family

A Pagoda to take the bride to the Rolls

Royce for the Dohli (Getaway)

The Bride's family carries the Bride to the 

Rolls Royce. A centuries-old tradition

The Indian Dulhan (Bride) changes

from the Pagoda to the Rolls Royce

In the Rolls Royce and on the way to the

Shaadee Ka Risepshan (Wedding Reception)


Gatsby with the Gorgeous Garland Flower Package

The Garden of Love

Bridal Extravaganza January 2020 (Sunday)

Bride's dress with long train

Large wedding dress? No problem.

Mexican flag-themed Wedding or Quinceanera

Lebanese Wedding, Ethnic Music Ensemble

Quinceanera couple

Quinceanera fan girl. The Gatsby is the

only car we have that would comfortably

accommodate that large dress.

Quinceanera girls in front of the Gatsby

Quinceanera girls on the side of the Gatsby

Quinceanera girls in back of the Gatsby

Maria's Quinceanera

Gatsby Theme Wedding, Bride and the Bridesmaids

Gatsby Theme Wedding, Groom, and the Groomsmen

Leonardo diCaprio 2013

Black and Gold Gatsby Party Invitations

Black and Gold Themed Gatsby Ballroom. Black table coverings with gold plated dinnerware.

Black and Gold Gatsby Place Setting

Jan and Joe Jordan arrive at BENG Gatsby Party

Black and Gold Gatsby Themed Wedding Cakes

Black and Gold Gatsby Bow Tie

Black and Gold Gatsby Shoes

This could be YOU arriving at the GATSBY Party you planned.


The Great Gatsby is a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It depicts a period of time in the roaring 1920's when there were incredible parties hosted by millionaires. There have been four movies called the Great Gatsby, a remarkable tribute to the novel. The 1949 movie starred Alan Ladd, the 1974 movie starred Robert Redford, the 2000 movie starred Toby Stephens and the one most well-known is the 2013 movie starring Leonardo diCaprio. For an excellent brief synopsis and comparison of all four movies go to

It has become camp and popular these days to have Gatsby-themed weddings, galas and parties of every sort and description. If ladies want flapper dresses and period jewelry, it is easy to find on Ebay and Amazon. For a local source of Gatsby-themed items like straw hats and long cigarette holders, go to Arme's or Party City.

A Gatsby-themed event would not be complete, of course, old boy, without a large vintage Rolls Royce parked near the front door or inside the ballroom on display with red ropes around it. We can supply two Gatsby movie posters on stands. To give you more Gatsby-type suggestions, browse the pictures below from other Gatsby parties.


Robert Redford 1974

Toby Stephens 2000

Alan Ladd 1949 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gatsby themed Party Idea 1

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 2

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 3

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 4

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 5

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 6

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 7

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 8

Gatsby Themed Party Idea 9

Gatsby-Era photos to inspire the aura, nostalgia, and ambiance of the 1920's "Good Life" using Rolls Royce and Duesenberg Cars

Where to. Mr. Gatsby?

Gloria Vanderbilt as a young girl exiting a Rolls Royce Gatsby and being escorted to an event by her chauffeur and bodyguard. (Gloria's father was Railroad Magnate Reginald Vanderbilt and at the time this picture was taken, he was the wealthiest man in America)

Harrison Ford arrives at a Gatsby Party

Gents preparing for the Royal Ascot

A Gatsby Spring Picnic

I'm waiting for Mr. Gatsby

How to let people know you've arrived

Classic Gatsby Transportation of the 1920's

Rolls Royce, the preferred mode of transportation for Maharajahs, Sultans and the Aga Khan.

Preparing the State Rolls Royce for a parade by the King of Saudia Arabia

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to the Gatsby Gala we go!

The Novel that started it all. A famous era in American History, "The Roaring Twenties".

Motorcycle Escort for the Rolls Royce of the President of Argentina

If Jay Gatsby were to get married, this is probably what his getaway would look like.

Classic Car, Classic Wedding

The Bee Gees in a car similar to our Gatsby

Gatsby Party-Rolls Parking Only

Shirley MacLaine in the movie,  Yellow Rolls Royce

Shirley MacLaine being chauffeured by Art Carney

Where Jay Gatsby would hang his hat

Flapper arriving at Gatsby Party 1927

Joe and Jan Jordan

Bonnie and Clyde Barrow (The Barrow Gang 1935)

Dance floor with fog and fireworks at Ashelyn Manor.

The Golden Gatsby Era

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