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 Wedding Tips 

A cute box to hold gift cards and wedding-day wishes to the couple


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Now that's the way to serve drinks!

Bug spray for outdoor weddings. Also, offer sunglasses, fans, sunglasses, and sunscreen

All phones OFF. This means you. Let our photographer do his job.

Planning a Destination Wedding? How about Pecforton Castle in Cheshire, England

Christmas Themed Wedding Cookie

Hawaii Destination Wedding? Rent the

Admirals Quarters for Rehearsal Dinner

Battleship Missouri

Can your caterer do this?

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Bride and Groom, Honeymoon Dinner, Yosemite

Electric Robots. Their lights synchronize to the music. Great idea for a wild-themed wedding reception. 713 330-5189


Wedding Tips - Things we have seen and noted after many years in the Wedding Business

1) Be sensitive as to when you plan your wedding if you want a big turnout. What are some conflicting events that weekend, like Rodeo, Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Indy 500, Final Four, etc?

2) When you send out your wedding invitations, be sure to have a place on the response card for will/will not attend. Also, note on this card whether children are permitted. The reception hall charges the same price for anyone attending regardless of age. Also, have a box for "Plus One". Prohibiting single people from bringing their significant other can cause you to lose some friends. Few people put their name and return address on the reply card envelope. Put a small number on the back of the envelope and match it to your list to see who responded.

3) Also on the invitation reply card, ask for any food allergies or special dietary requests, like gluten-free, Kosher, Halal, lactose intolerant, vegan, etc.

4) If you are going to have several people giving speeches, have a secret signal to the DJ to start playing music if the speaker turns into a windbag and drones on.

5) Be prepared to switch music themes if people stop dancing. Have something for everybody, young and old.

6) Thank you cards for wedding presents are very important. These should be handwritten, not emails or Facebook messages. If cursive writing is not your thing, there are wedding invitation people who will write your thank you cards, sign them and mail them.

7) Plan for no more than 1.5 hours between the end of the wedding ceremony and the beginning of the reception. Make the day flow into the evening smooth;y.

8) Outdoor weddings and formal clothes don't mix well. If the temperature is in the very hot or cold range, it will not go well.

9) Get a separate insurance policy on your engagement ring on your homeowner's policy or a special policy you can get from a jeweler.

10) If you will be getting lots of very expensive wedding presents, schedule them separately with pictures on your homeowners' policy. Also, pay to have a security guard to watch the gift table.

11) No one giving a speech should ever mention an ex.

12) Day of notices to guests? With everybody's life becoming more and more hectic, they have misplaced their invitation and not remember if your wedding was at 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM. You, of course, are not answering your phone. If you planned your wedding on, you will have a contact email list. Choose Select All and send them an update email with the day's schedule and any other important items.

13) Doing a picture of your engagement ring for Facebook and your website? You might want to get a manicure that morning. It is proper to mention the cut and design, but not the Karat or cost.

14) Designate a "Tweeter of Honor" to handle communications on the day of your wedding. Mention this in your day of message to guests. Your phone should be turned off all day.

15) On Facebook or Vine, as the wedding day approaches, be sure to use private messages only for any wedding-related activity. Some of your Facebook friends may not have been invited and their feelings will be hurt.

16) If you are decorating the pews in your church with flowers and bows, be sure to have this completed before the guests arrive. Develop a nice flow for the day and evening.

17) Once the bride and her father are walking down the aisle, do not stop so a guest can take a picture with their cell phone.

18) Cutting down the guest list? The family or person paying for the wedding should have a say so. Be sure the venue can accommodate the maximum number you invite. You may be surprised at how many yes replies you get. Most venues have a 10% +/- allowance but don't count on it. Also, be advised if you put people's names at place settings, early or late arrivals may turn them over and just sit down. If you haven't seen a casual friend in five years, don't invite them (There are certain people who will fly across the country for a free meal). Tell people not to bring kids. Wedding venues charge per person, regardless of age. Those people with kids will leave the reception early to get home to babysitters.

19) Have low table centerpieces low so people can see and talk to each other. You need to make it very clear to all guests whether they can take a centerpiece home. The venue could charge you $200 and up for any that walk away.

20) Picking your wedding colors? Dark jewel tone for winter, bright poppy colors for spring or summer. Be sure the bridesmaid's dresses blend well with the groomsmen's tuxes and accessories. Check the colors of the carpet, wallpaper, and drapes in the venue for compatibility. Wedding style-rustic; casual; beach; nautical? Colors that flatter the skin tone of the bride. Ask the groom what his favorite color is, then add it and use some muted shades of his and the bride's colors. Holiday-themed wedding? Don't go overboard, it's about the two of you, not St. Nick or St. Pat. 

21) 61 Wedding poses. You must visit this page for ideas:       

22) How to choose the right flowers for your wedding:

23) Re-apply lipstick and makeup as the day and evening go by. Bare lips, shiny foreheads, smeared mascara are all too common. Your maid of honor should have a small pouch that contains your lipstick and some blotting papers, a stain removing wipe, and a dryer sheet to handle static. Visit the bride's room frequently. Be sure it has a magnifying mirror.

24) Wedding music, it's your party, but consider your guests. Spread the genres around. Here is a good article on the subject:

25) Never have a cash bar. Eliminate name brand hard liquor altogether. Have wine, beer, and two or three (Cheap) signature drinks.

26) Have a set of white faux fur wraps available for the bridesmaids if the weather turns suddenly cold or the air conditioning in the church or venue is too cold.

27) Don't sit elderly guests next to the DJ speakers. Having a side room that is not subject to the blaring dance music is also a good idea.

28) The bride and groom should go table to table to (Briefly) greet everybody. Reception lines are out of style. (Guests are hungry and thirsty and ready to party)

29) Try on all bridesmaid's dresses, shoes, and jewelry at least two weeks before the bridesmaid's luncheon or the rehearsal dinner. Standard sizes are no longer "Standard". Dressmakers in China and Italy have their own ideas of what sizes are.

30) Do not wear spike heels under your wedding dress. You will be on your feet for many hours including wild dancing in a very heavy wedding dress. Better choice: Mules, flip-flops, or Nikes.

31) If you want all the bridesmaids to have the same hairdo, that should be decided and agreed on well in advance.

32) Do not let the guests boss the DJ around into playing music you didn't want like hip-hop, rap, the Hokey Pokey, or the Chicken Dance. Have a firmly established "Do Not Play List"

33) Do not do any strenuous sports or outdoor activity for three weeks prior to the wedding. Walking with your father down the aisle with a badly sprained ankle would not be a good situation.

34) Wedding gift registries are important. Don't have too many. The stores are supposed to advise people on which categories need the most attention. DO NOT JUST GO BUY THE COUPLE A BOWL!!! Amazon has a good gift registry department. If you discreetly want to return a gift to the store it was purchased from, it may be possible if you know the name of the guest and the approximate date when they purchased the item. It will help smooth those matters if you inform the store you want to exchange it for something else, not get a cash refund. It is also considered okay etiquette to have a travel agent accept donations towards your honeymoon.

35) If you are ordering invitations, programs, cakes, or party favors with unusual colors like teal, jade, hot pink, periwinkle, or ombre, etc, be sure you get exact color samples and pictures of what you want. Gwen Stefani ordered a dress in coral and it came back hot pink and she refused to pay for it.

36) You will have no-shows from people who RSVP'd. Go ahead and add some people from your B and C invitation list, but no more than 10% of your total guest count. (No-shows seldom provide wedding presents either)

37) Do not under any circumstances let a "Friend" do the photography or videography. Your most prized possession to remind you of the most special day in your life will be the pictures and video of you walking down the aisle with your father, the ceremony, cutting the cake, the speeches, the dancing, and the getaway in the Rolls Royce at the end of the reception. Be sure to get the pictures and video into the cloud as soon as possible.

38) If you a large number of out of town guests staying at the same hotel, consider having two rehearsal dinners. The first one would be family and wedding party only as it involves actual rehearsal and procedures. Then have a later dinner party for out of town guests in an informal and relaxed manner. This eliminates the need for an outdated reception line and the pressure to try to talk to everybody at the reception.

39) Have arranged seating for families, grandparents, and the wedding party. Let everybody else sit where they want. You should be aware, if this applies to you, that there are wedding planners that specialize in mixed religion weddings and others who specialize in weddings with step-parents and/or second, third and fourth marriages. The seating arrangements in those cases must be very carefully planned and not left up to chance.

40) Instead of or in addition to a guest registry, you can have guests sign a large serving platter with a special pen and then later have it permanently glazed. You can also have guests sign a wine cork and then put them all in a big bottle.

41) Plan the wedding for the two of you. Be considerate of your parents, church, high school, or college friends might prefer, but it is your day. make it a reflection of what you and the groom feel is important.

42) More wedding poses. Sometimes a bride and groom will take a day off and go to several places for poses for the save the date or announcement pictures. The bride and bridesmaids may do a similar all-day event with the photographer for the formal Bridal Portrait and a visit to Hermann Park or the arches at Rice University. If you pay to use one of our cars for your wedding, you can come by the office that day free for a picture with the car you will use for your wedding. Here are some other websites to visit to give you some inspiration for what you want in your picture collection:,,,

43) Be aware that churches have very rigid time schedules on Saturday and Sunday. There will be exact times for setup, ceremony, pictures, and breakdown. It would behoove you to develop a schedule and follow it closely. Some churches that have a planned service immediately after your wedding will simply inform you to get your stuff out of the sanctuary. You can see the pastor about re-scheduling your wedding six months or a year from now. For the family pictures after the ceremony, it is extremely important to tell close family members not to wander off right after the ceremony.

44) When picking up and returning tuxedos from the formal wear store, be advised most of them close promptly at 6:00 PM. If you're late picking up your tux, you are no longer a groomsman. If you are late returning it, you pay a double rental fee.

45) Most international flights to Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean leave very early every morning. If your wedding goes to midnight and then there is an after-party at the hotel bar, you will be exhausted by the time you get to the honeymoon suite. (A very expensive room). Then having a 7:00 AM flight to Jamaica the next morning will have you exhausted and sleeping the whole first day. If you do go to the beach, you will fall asleep and get badly sunburned. Better to spend a full Sunday at your wedding hotel and then fly out Monday morning.

46) A sample wedding budget (You have to start somewhere). Your wedding budget should follow this formula: 48 to 50 percent of total budget to reception;8 to 10 percent for flowers; 8 to 10 percent for attire; 8 to 10 percent for music, 10 to 12 percent for photo/video;2 to 3 percent for invitations; 2 to 3 percent for gifts; and 8 percent for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator. It's essential to allocate an extra 5 to 10 percent of your money for surprise expenses like printing extra invitations because of mistakes, additional tailoring needs, umbrellas for a rainy day, and ribbons for the wedding programs.

47) Hilarious wedding tips and stories Example: The best man's plus one wanted to bring her own plus one so she could have someone to talk to. Be sure to click on the sublink: 17 Wedding guest Horror Stories.

48) On the day of and especially in the Rolls, the bride should only drink beverages that are clear like Sprite, white wine, and water. Red wine, coca-cola pina colada stains on the wedding dress would be hard to remove.

49) Sparklers for your exit from the reception? That's an okay idea if handled properly. They must be held up high, not down. The "Sparks" can burn holes in the wedding dress. In urban areas, these could violate fire codes, check to see. If you think are going to have out-of-control drunk people (Fraternity brothers) or small rambunctious children, sparklers are a very bad idea. How about heart-shaped sparklers for extra romance?

50) Wedding cakes with college logos or models of football stadiums? These are copyrighted items and you can be sued by the colleges, even if you graduated from them. In some cases, you can get a written one-time exemption from the dean if you apply for it.

51) A cute engagement story. The groom hired us to pick up the (Soon to be) fiancee for a "Special event". He told her it was casual and he would send somebody by for her. We arrived in the Rolls with her name on the front license plate. She asked where we were going and I couldn't tell her. In the car stereo was a CD with their favorite songs playing quietly. There were a dozen roses on the back seat and a letter written to her. We dropped her off at the Japanese Gardens at Hermann Park where he was waiting to propose. She said yes and then we went to another "Secret" location, the House of Blues. Her parents and all her friends came out and were standing on the curb after I called them with a secret message. They were holding a large banner that said "Congratulations".

52) In any wedding picture, the bride's dress should stand out. We have white cars, but sometimes you can have too much white. You don't want a black limo because then the groom's tuxedo wouldn't stand out. With our silver and gray Bentley, everybody stands out.

53) Get a wedding planner. As your wedding day approaches you will become frazzled and overwhelmed. A wedding planner does this every day and knows what to do when. They know the wedding vendors to recommend and those to avoid. They can help you avoid costly mistakes that can more than offset what they charge. You need a planner and vendors who are not emotionally involved in your wedding day to make sure everything gets done when it is supposed to.

54) Keeping the bridal party together is a good idea. If they get scattered or lost during the day, it can really throw your schedule off. Using our Trolleys solves this problem and they add to the romance and quaintness of your wedding. They can also be used to shuttle guests back and forth to the hotel.

55) Wedding cancellation insurance. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. This covers you in case there is a death in the family, the bride or groom is injured in a serious automobile accident or any number of other listed events. Sources for this are listed in our contract.

56) An interesting wedding ceremony story. After the couple gave their vows, the pastor announced, "I know some of you are friends of the bride and groom, but we have some more vows here today to take. Will the family and friends of the bride please stand. Will you promise to love, cherish, and support this couple in their journey through life and help them in any way you can? Then he asked the same of the groom's family and friends". I thought to myself, "I wish I had this at my wedding. My brother in law would then be unable to not loan me his lawnmower"!

57) Recipe for disaster: A very nervous bride on her wedding day with little or no sleep, no breakfast, (Dangerously low spike in blood sugar), drinking only sports drinks (Which actually leave you dehydrated) is in the middle of reciting her vows and she faints and falls down. Somebody needs to make the bride do and not do certain things on the day of the wedding ceremony. A breakfast high in carbs and protein is a must-do.

58) First dance with fog and indoor rockets. When you see this the first time, it will blow you away. First the dry ice fog, then the couple is announced and they start dancing. Halfway through the dance, safe indoor vertical rockets go off. There is a fireworks company called Roar Over Texas that can arrange this.

59) If using a dog or a rambunctious young boy to be the ring bearer, consider using fake rings on the little pillow in case they get dropped and lost. Discreetly put on the real rings later.

60) Be sure to have at least one credit card with a good balance to take on the honeymoon. You will have last-minute wedding day expenses you didn't plan for, so keep one separate card safe and ready.

61) Sunset outdoor wedding? What are you going to do if it is cloudy? Don't promote it as a sunset wedding. If the wedding ceremony and reception is inside, but the photographer wants you outside right at sunset for that very special heirloom quality photo, be prepared to drop everything like your speech or cutting the cake so you and go outside for that picture. Ten minutes before or after will simply not do. Arrange to have a special signal from the photographer if this is something you want to do.

62) Get reception overtime costs from the venue, DJ or band, and the Limo. It could be that nobody is leaving, they are having a great time and nobody wants the night to end. It is better to negotiate these prices well in advance as a contingency plan. If you wait until that night, and they know you are desperate, the costs could be much higher. Another solution is to have a fake getaway with the Rolls at 10:00 PM to make the older relatives and guests happy and then the young crowd goes back in to party down. The actual Rolls getaway to the hotel is much later in the evening.

63) Order vendor meals ahead of time for the photographer, DJ, Security Guard, Limo Chauffeur, band members, and videographer. These are usually less expensive than guest meals and they are served in the kitchen.

64) Get and use a wedding planning APP. These help you keep track of all your schedules, guest lists, and vendors. They also serve as a website for pictures. The two most popular are Wedding Wire and

65) Once you have selected your first vendors, ask them for advice on other vendors they may have worked with previously and had a good experience.

66) Depending on your religion and cultural background, and that of your guests, you can plan weddings on typical American Christian holidays like Easter Weekend and get a better price for a Saturday night when most venues would be dark. People from China and Iran do not recognize our date for New Year's Eve. We have done a Hindu wedding on Thanksgiving Day. Weddings on Sunday through Thursday evenings can usually fetch a better price. HINT: If you choose those evenings, plan the reception to end no later than 9:30 PM. People have to get up and go to work the next day.

67) Wedding Invitations. Be advised that square or heavy envelopes could require additional postage. You may also want a particular stamp, but your local post office is out. Plan well in advance, you can order them online at You should then take a sample invitation to your post office and ask them to give you a postage price based on the size and shape of the envelope. You will probably need the cute stamp you ordered plus one or two extra ounce stamps.

68) Children at the wedding? Usually, for the ceremony only the flower girl and the ring bearer. Larger churches may have a cry room. Some large hotels and country clubs have kid rooms and babysitters. Be sure to note on your invitation whether children are allowed or not. Remember, venues charge the same for a meal regardless of the age of the person. If you say no children, the parents will leave the reception early to get home to babysitters.

69) Do not order your wedding cake until you have finalized your flower selections. You will want the colors to blend and match and you want the baker to make a frosting that looks like the flowers.

70) "No ring, no bring". This is the codeword for NO SIGNIFICANT OTHERS. (The cult of the married people). Be prepared to really alienate some friends with this one. This rule is usually set by domineering relatives who happen to be paying for the wedding.

71) If you block a large number of hotel rooms for out of town guests, you can usually get a reduced room price plus the Honeymoon Suite free. (The hotel will also offer you free vans to shuttle guests to the ceremony and back, but it's a trap.) If another wedding or business group books a larger block of rooms than you did, THEY will get the free shuttles.

72) Get all changes to schedules or contracts in writing plus an email confirmation of the fact. Keep this where you can find it.

73) The Honeymoon: Plane reservations, visas, and hotel reservations must be in the name of the person traveling and match their passport and driver's license. Legally, the bride cannot change those until after she is married, so she must travel under her maiden name. Carry a certified copy of your marriage license on the honeymoon. Check the expiration date of your passport. Foreign countries will not let you in if it expires in less than six months. You should also have medical powers of attorney, the bride for the groom, and vice versa.

74) Be sure to go over all church rules. Some churches prohibit flash photography during the ceremony and ladies must not have bare shoulders. For Hindu weddings, alcohol is prohibited on Temple property.

75) If you ar having an outdoor wedding and using tents, some venues prohibit using stakes in the ground to secure the tents. You must use weighted barrels filled with sand, water, or concrete.

76) Who cuts the cake? Better confirm that in advance. Some venues charge $2 a slice. Another cake idea: Have the baker make a really beautiful cake with frosting, flowers, etc for display only. Then go to Walmart or somewhere and get sheet cakes in white and chocolate and cut the slices in the kitchen, put them on fancy china plates, and serve them. Your guests will never know.

77) For remote, rustic venues out in the middle of nowhere, consider renting the Trolleys to shuttle everybody from the hotel to "Valhalla". These venues, while beautiful and romantic are way out in the boondocks on very dark narrow curvy roads with deep ditches and no shoulders and few if any road signs. These roads can be very hard for city slickers to navigate, especially if there is a late-night ground fog and especially if these guests are older and have been sipping wine all evening. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, UBER will not go out in the country.

78) You should assign an importance level to all your purchases, from 1 to 10.  Your rationale should be: What will people remember 5-10 years from now? Almost all will remember the getaway in a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley. The picture of the two of you standing by the front of the car with your new family name on the front license plate, well that's the kind of picture you will have on your desk at work and your dresser at home. It's the ultimate wedding photo.

79) When shopping for a wedding dress, you will eventually get snow blind and they will all start to look alike. What you need to do is take a "Negative Nancy" type friend along with you, the type of person who is very critical of everything and perhaps lacking in tact and diplomacy. (You know who they are). Listen to them when they say, "That dress sucks; it's not you". Let them narrow it down to three they would approve of and then come back with your mother, sister and some nicey-nicey friends and make your final decision.

80) If you are getting married outdoors, consider renting deluxe air-conditioned porta-potties to have by the tent. You can also rent 8-passenger golf carts to shuttle guests back and forth to the venue.

81) Decide ahead of time if you want guests sharing on social media on your wedding day before you do. (Good luck with that). Right before the ceremony, have someone who appears to have authority say, "All cell phones completely turned off please".

82) Some couples, immediately after being declared man and wife and before the kiss, whip out their phones and change their status to married. Millennial mayhem if you ask me. Get a life.

83) Interesting sign at a chapel: "Pick a seat, not a side, we're all family here"

84) Bride and bridesmaid dress sizes? Go with what fits at the salon that day. You are under no circumstances going to diet down two dress sizes by the day of the wedding.

85) Budget the cost of two meals for the bride and groom at the reception. Nobody eats for free.

86) After the wedding, the bride should have the dress cleaned and then placed in a sealed vacuum storage bag (To save for your daughter or granddaughter).

87) Once you become engaged, as a courtesy, be sure to notify your relatives, especially your grandparents and all your BFF's before you splash it on social media.

88) Don't put wedding registry information in the envelope with your wedding invitation. (Very bad taste). Put that information on your wedding website. You can put the URL to your wedding website on the invitation.

89) Don't invite someone to the shower, bachelor, or bachelorette party unless they are also invited to the wedding. (Office showers do not fall under this rule).

90) The bride and groom should arrange to pay for breakfast and lunch for the bridesmaids and groomsmen on the day of the wedding. 

91) Singles table at the reception? Maybe yes, maybe no. If everyone has an assigned seat, you can play matchmaker and seat people next to each other whom you feel may "Click".

92) Themed wedding drinks? Italian- red and white wines plus an Aperol Spritz. Mexican food or theme - Pair it with Coronas and a Margarita bar.

93) In the Latin Culture, for Quinceneras and Weddings, relatives and friends are asked to become "Sponsors" for various parts of the wedding like the cake, the dress, the limo, etc.

94) Set up a joint email address for all emails from vendors and anything having to do with the wedding. An example would be

95) A good wedding gag item. Have the groom blindfolded. Six girls and the bride are to sit in chairs and the groom is supposed to feel all the lower legs until he identifies the bride. Slip in a guy with real hairy legs.

96) A creative bride got with her DJ and made a soundtrack with the Ray Charles song "Ain't that love" for the Father/Daughter dance. Once into the song, there was a tape of the bride briefly mentioning all the things her father had done for her over the years. Very touching, then the music came back up and they finished the dance. Here are some other Father/Daughter dance song ideas:

97) Father/Daughter (2). At this wedding, the bride had lost her father several years earlier. She took the time to make a small speech in his honor, then explained she would be dancing with the men who have helped her throughout her life. She danced with her uncle, her grandfather and finally her brother. When he stepped forward to cut in for the last dance, everyone was teary. It was emotional to witness the bond they had and to feel their love and loss in one moment.

98) I was at a Catholic wedding one time and the Priest was saying a few things about weddings. He said a wedding was like a rose, you have the beauty of the flower which represents all the good things in life, and the thorns that represent all the pain any person sometimes endures as they go through life. He said when you are married, you share life with a person who enables you double the joy of all good things and halve the pain of any bad things that come your way.

99) If you find you have a good supply of food leftover at the end of the reception, consider donating it to a homeless shelter.

100) An excellent book for ideas on how to plan a wedding reception is "The Art of Gathering" by Priya Parker.

101) There are certain types of people you do not want in your bridal party. You will be very stressed as your wedding day approaches. The type of person you don't want is a drama queen, a Hysterical Hannah"  who is high-strung and high-maintenance and who freaks out over the smallest and most unimportant issues. (You know who they are). Don't have them on your bridal party, but give them a very time-consuming job (Away from you) to make them feel included.

102) Shopping for a wedding dress? Go to a designer trunk show. The rep has a quota of dresses he needs to sell. He may be in a position to offer you things like alterations or accessories. Here is an excellent article on tips for buying your wedding dress:

103) The bride should not hear the various speeches in advance, but she needs to appoint someone to actually listen to them ahead of time to be sure they are not inappropriate, boring or long. (Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was only 277 words long, yet it is one of the most famous and important speeches of all time)Here is an excellent article on preparing a Maid of Honor speech that could also be applied to anybody's wedding, shower or rehearsal dinner speech:

104) Don't overdo your makeup. The main culprits here are too much fake tan, colored–in eyebrows, and too much foundation. Yes, you will need to wear slightly heavier make–up than usual to make your features stand out in photos, but don’t go crazy! The perfect wedding day look is all about soft, smokey eyes and peachy tones on the lips and cheeks.

105) The "Shoe Game", or the Mr. and Mrs. Quiz. This is a fun cute thing to do during the rehearsal dinner or the ceremony. The bride and groom sit back to back and hold one shoe. *Neither one of them should see the questions ahead of time). The questions are like who said "I love you first. The person who said it holds up a shoe. Many times both people hold up their shoe. Here are the details on how to set this up:

106) Father of the Bride speech. There are some excellent ideas in this article about who to thank, ideas for a long and happy married life and some poignant reminisces about the daughter growing up. Check it out:

107) Having writer's block doing your own personalized vows? This article has some excellent tips including poems and Bible verses. The company will even write vows for you. This is an excellent resource on all aspects of your marriage including a chapter on how to make your marriage last.

108) Experiential wedding gift registries. Silver tea sets are nice, but these days more to-be-weds are asking for experiences—or even just straight cash funds—as wedding gifts. They are still registering at big-box retailers, but supplementing their traditional registries with less tangible requests: a safari honeymoon, couple's massages, lifetime passes to their favorite national park, and starter funds for a new puppy. One of the most secret remote island honeymoon destinations is in Zanzibar off the coast of East Africa:

109) Wedding Etiquette Tips from Anna Post, Emily Post's great-grandaughter. This article covers some incredibly delicate questions like how to decline being a bridesmaid, sending invitations to people you know could not possibly come to your wedding, and registering for gifts on a second marriage. Very informative:

110) More Wedding Etiquette tips like a college friend was a bridesmaid in my wedding, but we have drifted apart the last five years. Now she wants me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding on the other side of the country, what should I do. Other unusual situations and how to handle them:

111) Reading wedding reviews. Browse quickly through the ones that simply said, "Showed up on time and did a good job". Look for the ones where the vendor knocked it out of the park and exceeded all expectations. When reading wedding vendor reviews, you’ll want to look for as much specificity as possible. The most meaningful positive reviews are the ones where couples detail how a particular vendor went above and beyond for them. Yes, a bride or groom could write a ton of positive adjectives about a vendor, but what specifically did the vendor do to win their praise? How did the vendor make their dream wedding a reality? If you can find reviews from couples whose weddings sound similar to yours (same venue, same time of year, same style, etc.), all the better in helping you decide if a vendor is right for you. Even if a vendor has lots of reviews, be sure to check if they were written relatively recently (on WeddingWire, you can sort reviews by date to make this process easier). In fact, according to a WeddingWire study, 70 percent of couples pay attention to how recently a review was written. Recent positive reviews show that a vendor is currently active and winning praise from couples, but if a vendor’s newest reviews were from a few years back, you’ll want to ask for more recent references should you choose to reach out.

112) Good source of wedding decoration items like laser-cut names for place settings $1 each, faux eucalyptus garland, colored paper lanterns and much more:

113) If/when you decide to cut your wedding guest list down, you will inevitably hurt somebody's feelings. It will make matters worse if you splash all your wonderful pictures on open sites like Facebook or Vine. There is a solution. There is an App called THE GUEST. You put only the people invited to the wedding on the App. What it does is log in to everybody's cell phone for the wedding day and it posts every picture taken by every phone that day to a common screen for everybody to share, but keeps them secret from everybody else. You should be aware that it captures ALL PICTURES by your phone that day, so mind what you take a picture of until the next day.

114) The Best Man. What are his responsibilities? What should his speech be like? How should the bachelor party be conducted and organized. This is a good article spelling it all out:

115) Crazy and wacky ideas for your wedding reception like cookies made to look like the bride and groom, mix cotton candy buckets with sparklers for the getaway, make a pinata in the shape of a wedding cake, plus many more fun choices.

116) New wedding terms and buzzwords you should know like soonlywed, minimoon, cash registry, etc.

117) Non-traditional guest book ideas, like signing wine bottles to be opened and celebrated at future anniversaries, signing rocks that can be put in a jar or used in a garden, many more

118) Tips for a nervous bride on her wedding day. Calming yoga, special mood music, proper scheduling, maintaining strict privacy, eliminating nervous people, and what about the Irish Wedding custom Child of Prague from your grandmother?

119) Considering an outdoor wedding? How about glamping, ski resorts, tree houses, fishing weddings, national parks? This is a very comprehensive article with suggestions on how to proceed if/when it rains or gets unseasonably hot or cold unexpectedly. A very good read.

120) Outdoor and night photography. This is an extremely complicated subject and should only be attempted by professional and experienced photographers. It ties in with the article above (119). The main takeaway is that dusk and sunset photos are prime in very narrow windows of time. You must be prepared to abandon whatever else is going on in the reception when the photographer signals you to come immediately. You cannot photoshop missed opportunities or overexposed situations. If you want fabulous outdoor wedding photos, read this article. Repeating the day is not an option.

121) If you want the whole world to see and know what is going on in your wedding from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between, consider getting a wedding hashtag. It is wise to consider using a professional service who can be sure your hashtag is one of a kind and also to advise you on what and what not to post. Here is some good advice:

122) Rehearsal Dinner planning guide. Don't leave anything to chance:

123) Wedding Reception Ideas From England. Many are quite good. It helps if you know some of their slang words. An outdoor wedding with tents across the pond is called a tipi (Teepee) wedding. When Brits are talking among themselves, they refer to the USA as "The Colonies". One picture features a rustic bar using an antique dresser. A really charming pictorial article.

124) Wedding Planning Checklist. This is one of the best I've seen. How about this tip: Break in the new shoes you will be wearing the day and evening of your wedding. Other valuable advice, nothing left out.

125) Rent and Return silk flower bouquets and arrangements? Want a stunning look but need to cut back on costs somewhere? This service has an enormous selection. They work with you once they know your wedding colors. They ship in reusable boxes with return shipping labels. It's worth looking into.

126) A Wedding blog with lots of pictures and good ideas for your wedding. The more you see and know, the better your own wedding day will be.

127) Considering a Destination Wedding? Go with the choice of Hollywood stars; castles in Europe. There are excellent examples in England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany(Neuschwanstein Castle was the inspiration for Disneyland). For a collection of stunning pictures at the most popular Castle Wedding Venues in Europe, check these out:

128) If you're a guy reading all this, you definitely should open and read this article, 40 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas. (If you're the BFF of a girl patiently waiting for him to make his move, send him the link, hint-hint)

129) Wedding Videographer. Sometimes your photographer will also provide this service. If nothing else, he can recommend someone he has worked well with in the past. The two genres are similar but also different. Like anything else for your wedding, hire a professional. Letting a nerd nephew do it with his cell phone will only provide disappointing results. This article explains all that is involved and what you should be considering:

130) Writing your own wedding vows? There are many things to consider. Which poems or Bible verses. Maybe you should hire a professional wedding vow service. Check this out:

131) Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas. Personalized pine cone fire starters, place settings with a twig of cinnamon, a sprig of mistletoe on a red napkin, other things that you would never think of on your own.

132) A Los Angeles based wedding supplier has a soup to nuts shopping list for anything wedding-related. It also has several blogs where brides discuss ideas, dilemmas, and you know, just things. An excellent research tool.

133) Wedding Table Decoration Ideas. I never knew there were so many. This is an excellent resource. You can show the pictures to your Wedding Planner and Florist or you can try some of them yourself.

134) Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with some unique ideas to liven up your wedding reception, like synchronized swimmers, acrobats, fire dancers and hula dancers. Check out all the options:

135) Bride Emergency Kit: BE PREPARED! Make a little box of the necessities you will need on the wedding day: fashion tape, a needle and thread, deodorant, safety pins, bobby pins (all colors), a pen and paper, flip flops, and extra cash and checks -- just in case.

136) Unusual Wedding Etiquette questions like I feel closer to my stepfather than my father, who should walk me down the aisle? If I don't take his last name, how should we be introduced? What about guests at the ceremony that are of a different religion. This is a really good article   of wedding planning.

137) Summer Weddings. So many things to consider. Where, when, how. Wedding dress selection. Claddagh Wedding rings. This is a good resource

138) Still agonizing over what type of wedding you want? Large, small, beach wedding, destination wedding? This article goes over the pros and cons of each and helps you arrive at your decision.

139) What exactly does a Wedding Planner do? They guide you through the minefield of wedding planning. They know what works and what doesn't. They know all the good vendors and the ones to avoid. They can advise you on what various items should cost. On the day of the wedding, they are worth their weight in gold. If you still think you don't need one, then read this article

140) Wedding Tips Q and A from a roundtable of wedding planners. They do this stuff six days a week. (Never call one on Monday). Having six answers to the same question will help you wade into the decision making process waiting for you. Very thought-provoking.

141) People (And brides) who seldom drink seem to always get drunk (And sick) at a wedding, mainly from all the toasts but also wanting to shift into a different mood while under a lot of stress. Regular drinkers just have a good time and keep on rolling.

142) Medical help for the morning after the wedding. You will be exhausted, dehydrated, hungover and generally not feeling well. If you have to fly out that day for your honeymoon that will present an even bigger problem. Want to take vitamin and mineral pills? By the time they go through your digestive system, only 10% of the ingredients are bioavailable. The solution: A company called Vitadrip IV can make up a custom IV for you with saline solution, Vitamin B12, and a whole menu of other vitamins and minerals you can choose from like COQ10, glutathione, glycine, L arginine, L carnitine, and magnesium chloride. These all become 100% immediately bioavailable. The IV's are administered by an MD Doctor or RN. It takes about twenty minutes. Your hangover goes away, you are hydrated and your blood sugar is up and you are ready to fly. Airplane cabin air is very dry and the oxygen level is lower than at ground level. Better you prepare yourself.

143) If you are doing an outdoor wedding or doing photography outdoors between the ceremony and the reception, you will have to worry about your veil blowing in the wind. There are jewelry items called veil weights to help with this. Your dress store should have them. If not go to

144) Do not get a facial or dermabrasion within two weeks of your wedding.

145) For outdoor weddings, use a heavy-duty fixative o protect your makeup like Ben Nye's Final Seal.

146) Also for outdoor weddings in the Spring or Summer, create programs on light cardboard on a stick so they can double as hand-held fans. 

147) Right before the ceremony, have the bride and groom put a good amount of hand lotion on so that the ring will glide right onto your finger.

148) Use sugar instead of white sand for centerpiece fillers. It's actually cheaper and you could save it and use it later in your kitchen.

149) Specialty linens with sequins, embroidery, or appliques look great in photos but are expensive. You should use them only for the head table and the cake table. Another option: Rent or buy table toppers to put on top of the venue's standard black or ivory coverings.

150) Have your seamstress sew your undergarments into your dress.

151) Tuck a single pantyhose sock into your bag. It works wonders on pesky deodorant marks and it is tiny enough to conceal in a clutch.

152) Ask your makeup artist to stay at least through the first dance for some quick touch-ups.

153) You know it will be an emotional evening. For the cry-proof look of your makeup, use Makeup Forever Aqua Seal. It intensifies the pigment of any eye shadow and makes it completely water-resistant.

154) When some brides get nervous, their ears, neck, and chest can turn red. You can use a green color corrector mixed with a small amount of foundation to counteract the effect.

155) Need to degrease a shiny face? A good product is Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens. A resourceful field-expedient substitute: Toilet seat covers (They work!).

156) On the wedding day have a special email for vendors saying "On the Day of the Wedding, call anyone but the bride". Then list the people they should call like the Wedding Planner, Day of Coordinator, Church Lady, Venue Manager, Maid of Honor, Best Man, DJ, Photographer or Limo Chauffeur.

157) Butterflies in your stomach on your wedding day? get a box of pregnancy nausea lozenges like Sea Band GingerLozenges with Folic Acid. They are OTC and available at any drugstore.

158) Flower girls and ring bearers can become very intimidated in a big church. Consider doing a dry run before the ceremony and tie a helium balloon to their wrist. It will distract them long enough to learn their role.

159) If you are using place cards for each guest at a table, consider putting little symbol decals in the corner for a fish, cow, or chicken, or GF so the servers will know what to place at each setting.

160) If you are having lots of guests who don't know each other, consider a morning activity like Top Golf or an actual golf game, a group boat ride, a hike in the park, a ladies brunch, or shopping mall visit.

161) If you have an unavoidable time lag between the ceremony and reception, consider renting the Trolley for the guests and take them on a narrated city tour or a visit to Space Center.

162) Arrange to have the vendor meals for the band members/DJ and photographer at the same time as the guests are eating. Dinnertime should allow for polite conversation in a noise-free environment.

163) A new trend is for the younger crowd dancing until late is to have late night hors d'oeuvres at the reception. These could be donuts, cookies, soft pretzels with melted cheese, popcorn, or sliders. Whataburger, McDonalds and Chick Fil A can deliver boxes of hot items delivered at a late hour.

164) Want good posture on your wedding day? Use a tip from a prima ballerina: She imagines a string at the top of her head pulling her upright and straight.

165) Remind your bridesmaids that the bouquets should be held at a 45-degree angle to best show off the blooms.

166) The timing of serving the food to your guests is critical. Your caterer will start cooking the main course twenty to forty minutes before the meal. If something or someone delayed the ceremony or cocktail hour, and the food is overcooked or has to be re-heated, the chicken will taste like cardboard and the fish will be completely dried out. SOMEONE has to be very firm and keep everything on schedule. If they ruffle some feathers, that's just too bad. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

167) Want to see an impressive meal service. Let's say you have round tables of ten. You arrange with the caterer for "Military Food Delivery". You have ten waiters in tuxedos and white gloves. They surround the table and when the maitre'd gives a discreet hand signal, ten plates are lowered from the left side of the guest simultaneously. Then they go on to the next table. You just have to see it. It can't be topped.

168) When booking a wedding vendor, be sure to complete a written form or contract. Giving information only over the phone can cause phone numbers or email addresses to written down incorrectly.

169) When calling to speak with a vendor or your wedding planner and you are in your car, be sure the a/c fan is low, the radio is down or off, and actually hold the phone rather than use speakerphone.

170) Email communication is always best. They can be longer. Texts with autocorrect can invent words you never heard of. It also tempts someone driving to look at their phone instead of the road.

171) Don't confuse vendors. They won't recognize your voice and they may have several weddings where the bride has the same first name as yours. In voice or email, be sure to clarify everything by saying, "This is Elizabeth Jones, I'm calling about my wedding on May 16th of this year". The proper email subject line is similar to this: Smith/Jones Wedding 05.16.2024 (Do not use the / on the date).

172) It is important that if you have a wedding planner you put both her name, cell phone, and email address on your reservation form. If you don't have a wedding planner you should supply the cell phone number of a guy (Women won't have their cell phones near them). This could be anybody but the groom (Who should have his phone turned off). This could be the best man or the father of the bride or groom.

173) You should be there is a marked off spot with orange cones for the Limo by the front door of the venue. If you don't have that, some fashionably late guests will grab the parking spot.

174) No two weddings are exactly alike. Yours may be roaring into the wee hours or the guests may start slipping out after dinner. If you want to be sure you have your Rolls there for the getaway when you need it, you may want to buy two or three hours instead of just one. That way you can be "Spontaneous" and do your getaway whenever you feel like it. If your venue is a rustic, charming Valhalla way, way out in the middle of nowhere, this problem can get serious. If you wanted to extend your departure, even if you were willing to pay extra, the Rolls may be booked for another wedding and unable to stick around for yours.

175) Long-lasting wedding suggestion form. This is a cute item you can put at each setting. It is a card that says, "What suggestions do you have for this couple to be happily married for at least 50 years?"

176) Having an outdoor reception inside the Houston City Limits? You need to have a public music speaker permit from HPD. If not, one complaint from a neighbor can get you shut down.

177) Selecting the color of your Rolls Royce or Bentley getaway car. Many brides insist that everything in their wedding is white, and that's okay, we have white cars. In any wedding picture, the bride's dress should stand out. You don't want a black Rolls because then the groom's tuxedo wouldn't stand out. With ou silver and gray 1960 Bentley, everybody stands out.

178) Most limo services have a $250 fine for smoking or throwing up inside the Limo.

179) At the end of the reception, the bride and groom should both go to the bathroom, especially if the venue is way out in the country and it is a very long way to the hotel. Emergency bathroom stops at 1:00 AM on dark lonely roads that are few and far between. Might need to go commando.

180) Limos and antique Rolls and Bentleys tend to drive slower than regular cars. Add 20 to 30% to the times listed on Google Maps.

181) Do not try to overload the car with people. It's nice to be all together, but trying to put seven people in a car is a very bad idea and the chauffeur will politely say no.

182) It is easy to be lost in the excitement of the moment. As you leave the Limo, however, pause to be sure you have your wallet or clutch, car keys, cell phone, plane tickets, and any other personal items. It is customary to offer the chauffeur a $50 extra tip to bring anything to you that you left in the car.

183) You cannot decorate a Limo or Rolls in any way, shape, or form. You are financially responsible for any damage done to the car by your rowdy guests.

184) All wedding vendors have business slang terms you should learn and be aware of. Limousine is a French word that means "Fancy Car". That can be a Volkswagen with red velvet seats or a 25 passenger ultra-stretch Hummer.

185) WEDDING LIMO RIPOFFS:  Some companies will charge you $95 for an 
"Unscheduled Stop" if you ask to go into a convenience store to buy something or use the restroom. Some Limo companies will not take you around for pictures saying "Oh no, no side trips" and if you get to the venue early they leave saying "Your contract is point-to-point only, one place to another". "You say, " We have 30 minutes left on our time, we wanted our guests to see the car". No they say, "Once we arrive at the final destination, we leave". Another Catch-22 is going overtime. Leaving a reception is not a two or three-minute event. There are goodbyes, bro-hugs, lighting the sparklers, final last private dance, a mother-daughter conference, taking pictures etc. and etc,. The chauffeur is tapping his foot and humming quietly and making no effort to rush you along. If you go over EVEN ONE MINUTE arriving at the hotel, they nail you $600 for another hour. That's how they make their money. Better to ask all these little, oh, by the way, Catch 22-gotcha money questions well in advance. In the Limo business, (Or any other) the cheapest is never the best. You can be and will get ripped off. Ask your Wedding Planner who to use and whom to avoid.

186) Limos and Rolls Royces will not drive on muddy roads, Galveston Beach, soft sand, torn up roads, or steep driveways.

187) Limo chauffeurs will not speed up or break laws to get somewhere  because you didn't organize your time well. Suck it up buttercup.

188) Chauffeurs will not buy cigarettes or alcohol for minors.

189) Smoking or consuming illegal drugs is prohibited in a Rolls or Limo.

190) Lots of baggage can be a problem. You are encouraged to have your best man take the bags to the hotel that morning, have them placed in your room, get you checked in, and hand you the key card. That way on arrival at the hotel, you go straight to the elevator and up to your room. If you are leaving the next morning on your honeymoon, you should call down to the front desk and arrange to have your bags picked up at a certain time and your ride to the airport confirmed.

191) Please ask your guests to not throw confetti or flower petals inside the car as you get into it.

192) If your reception is near downtown Houston, we can make a brief stop on a bridge and take a picture of the two of you standing by the car using your phone with the downtown skyline in the background.

193) Bible passages on weddings. Weddings are supposed to be fun and joyous. Matthew 24:38: "For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating, singing and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the Ark". Proverbs 31:10: "An excellent wife, who can find?, for she is more precious than jewels".

194) Marriage is often referred to as "Getting hitched", and "Tying the knot". If it is raining on the day of your wedding, they say that is a good sign, as a knot in a rope that is wet is much harder to untie. If you are farmers, rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, fertility for your crops. We usually say to a couple that if the weather is pretty that day, "God is smiling on you on your special day". If it is raining, we say "Oh, those are tears of joy from God on your special day".

195) Marilyn Monroe was married to Baseball Legend Joe DiMaggio. She sent him a love letter once and signed it, "Marilyn,your wife for life".

196) When movie actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco, her wedding dress was made by 30 seamstresses and it took six weeks to make. The dress was a wedding gift to her from Warner Brothers Studios.

197) Want impressive fireworks at the end of your ceremony? How about a moving cascade of cold fireworks spouts as the Rolls drives slowly off? Another beautiful idea is to have everything go suddenly quiet at the reception as "Bride and groom's first dance" is announced. Fog from dry ice slowly covers the dance floor to waist level. Then the bride and groom come slowly dancing into the fog and between columns of cold fireworks spouts. When you see it for the first time, it takes your breath away. The best people to call for this:, 832 290-6138.

198) WEDDING DRESS BUSTLES: British or French? The bustle allows you to lift the train of your dress up into the dress itself. MAJOR PROBLEM: Too few hooks (British) and someone on the dance floor can step on the back of the dress and it all comes crashing down. The French or the Austrian is much better, with more hooks (And a higher cost). No two wedding dresses are exactly alike. You must have SOMEONE who went with you to the final fitting to learn exactly how YOUR wedding dress needs to be bustled. This is very important, please read:

199) When a couple first tells you they are engaged, you should say "Congratulations" to the groom and "Best wishes" to the bride. (If you think about it for a while, the reason will come to you)

200) If you would really like to spice up your reception, consider getting lighted, dancing robots. These are guys on stilts in robot suits that light up synchronized to the music while they dance. People who are really wild party animals say,"These guys are the wildest thing I have ever seen". If this your groove, go for it. They will definitely liven up your reception., 713 330-5189.


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